Writers and producers all over NYC are supporting our campaign to unionize at ViceMedia.  In the past 2 years, over 700 digital journalists, producers, and employees have joined with the Writers Guild of America, East and are part of the  the growing movement to unionize new media in NYC. They have come from from the Huffington Post, The Intercept, MTVNews, Thrillist, Fusion, The Root, Gizmodo Media group and other shops.  They are united in their desire to build democratic organizations at the workplace, and a movement that empowers those who write and produce the content industrywide.  

In these difficult political times, being organized and part of an organization that is willing to fight back is essential.  That is why our colleagues from news shops across the industry are standing with our efforts to organize the #ViceUnion. Here are some of the many messages of support we have received for our efforts.

GMG Union Committee Support Statement

In a time when journalists confront challenges both expected and unexpected, we at Gizmodo Media, Fusion, and The Root have found unionization to be a source of strength and security in our work. We welcome Vice Production’s effort to organize, and hope that they too will be able to experience the benefits of union membership.

– GMG Union Committee

Thrillist Union support Tweet

MTV NEWS Union statement on twitter

In addition to the many new media members, the  Writers Guild of America, East/WGAE has over 4,500 members who work in traditional  Film and Television, including the writers at Saturday Night Live. Thanks for all that you do at SNL, and for standing with us!

Just like the writers and producers at all of the shops who are part of the WGAE, we will build our own local union and determine our own priorities.  Sign a union card today to be part of the movement and stay posted for updates on upcoming events and meetings.