“We worked hard as a bargaining team to come up with a contract that represented not only our most pressing concerns, but those of our team members. We made lists of pressing issues and made sure to tackle the ones that affected the most people first. Salary increases and editorial independence took priority and we had great victories on both counts. But we weren’t afraid to bring up other issues in the process (never hurts to ask!) and encouraged management to think about 401k matching, which ended up going company wide. We organized, stuck together, stayed vocal and saw some wins we didn’t even expect.”
“Before we began the bargaining process, members of the editorial team had no idea what it took to put together a successful union contract. Through meetings, discussions, and brainstorming sessions we were able to develop contract proposals that led to many workplace improvements. We achieved significant economic gains and––perhaps more importantly––began an ongoing dialogue with management through labor-management meetings that continues to make VICE a better place for us to work every month. VICE is growing and expanding quickly. Considering it’s possible the company will go public or be bought this year, we have to brace for change. It’s good to know that because we’ve formed a union, my colleagues and I would have a say how that change might affect us.”
“Start to finish, getting this contract was the most fulfilling experience of my professional life. I will not forget the first moments in the early meetings, when a room full of anxious individuals experienced the collective realization that we were all suffering the same way. I will not forget the experience of making management understand what that collective experience meant, and how serious we were about fixing it. I’m reminded of how well that all worked on the first and 15th of every month, of course, but I also don’t think I’ll ever forget the work we did to get there for as long as I live. I love this work and I love the people I work with; working together to make sure that our working lives honor and reflect everything we put into our work would have been worth it even if we didn’t wind up finally getting paid something like what we’re worth. But it’s also nice to get paid what you’re worth.”


Additional Contract Highlights

  • Immediate pay increases of $8,000 or more
  • Raises of 24% or greater over the life of the contract
  • Improved retirement benefit
  • Comp time for work on weekends