The members of VICE’s editorial union would like to extend our firm support to our colleagues in the company’s digital and production sectors, and to congratulate them on taking the necessary steps to avail themselves of the same benefits and protections we currently enjoy as union members. Unionization is a right that we have encouraged our fellow workers to embrace and work towards, for the good of themselves as well as the good of the company.

As our experience successfully negotiating and ratifying a contract with the company made clear, the result of unionization was a clear and demonstrable improvement in our collective quality of life as well as a stronger, more productive relationship between editorial employees and management. It has made our lives so much better, and now, it’s time for the rest of our colleagues to join us.

We believe that our colleagues in VICE digital, TV, and production should have access to those same rights and benefits, as well as the opportunity to address issues relevant to their specific roles and professional disciplines. We ask that the company respect the right of their employees in digital, TV, and production to unionize, and be as fair and understanding in its dealings with them as it has been with the editorial union.

If you or a colleague haven’t yet signed a union card to join the effort to organize, you can do so online using this link: WGAE CARD

In solidarity,
The VICE Editorial Union