Earlier this week, we celebrated International Workers Day, known as May Day. This year participation in May Day it was especially important to stand with immigrant communities under attack and to stand with all workers as we face increasingly difficult political and economic times.

A delegation of Vice employees delivered a letter to management reaffirming our shared commitment to content creators’ right to unionize, and asking management to extend to us the same respect they showed our colleagues who organized before us:

“This International Workers’ Day comes at a time of enormous political and economic uncertainty for all of us. In the broader political climate, we recognize this moment as a perilous one for both U.S. journalists and U.S. workers more generally. Within our own workplace, Vice’s explosive growth — potentially including the increasing involvement of outside investors — virtually guarantees that our jobs will undergo dramatic, even unpredictable upheaval in the years to come. Such uncertainties in the political sphere and at our rapidly-evolving employer underscore the need for us to have greater input into the decisions that shape our professional lives.” Read the full letter here.

We held a May Day lunch and welcomed members of Vice Canada to NYC to celebrate the Vice Canada union contract, with a rooftop pizza party!

Later that day we proudly joined tens of thousands of others in NYC who rallied and marched for the rights of all immigrant families and all working class New Yorkers!  Linda Sarsour even gave our Vice Union campaign a shout out of solidarity from the stage at Foley Square.

While our campaign to build a strong union at Vice is fundamentally about our priorities and our future. We will set the agenda and we will run our union, May Day is a great reminder that we are also part of a larger movement for justice too.

Our local movement here at Vice and the international movement are stronger when we are united.

If you have not done so yet, Sign a union card to show you are with the movement to build a strong union at Vice.