At today’s meeting, the Vice Union organizing committee gave an update on the campaign and went over next steps. Vice agreed to meet to discuss a process for union recognition, as we called for in the May 1st letter. They came to the table expressing a good faith intention to reach a deal that would permit employees to choose to unionize. In addition, they agreed to continue to not interfere in whether or not Vice employees choose to form a union.

These are two big wins and happened because of the solidarity and pressure felt by the company from Vice employees.

With Vice’s announcement that they are on track for an IPO, now is the best time to unionize to have a seat at the table to bargain over upcoming changes.

We need to continue to push Vice so we can get to the bargaining table as quickly as possible.

Keep Vice Union moving forward:

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  2. Retweet the message to Vice Talk to your coworkers about making improvements at Vice and ask them to sign a card.
    Send them this card link:  WGAE Union Card